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Frequently Asked Questions

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People often gather to ask the following:

"Why can't I just put some bug poison on my house plants?"

Because it kills a lot more than just the bugs. Your plants depend upon thousands of microorganisms to convert the nutrients that are in the soil into a form that the plant can absorb. Poisons not only kill the bugs, they also leave residues behind that react with other chemicals in the soil that can bind up the fertilizers you apply so that the plant can't use them.

"What's the best way to water?"

It depends. It always depends. Plants need different light, watering schedules, aeration, feeding, seasonal hardening and other interactions to be vibrant. Don't forget you have brought the plants inside and left behind the whole outside ecosystem. Don't be surprised that replacing that system involves a little work and some guidance.

To more specifically answer your question, check the amount of water in the soil before you add more. Use a medium that allows proper drainage. Adjust frequency to the particular plant you are trying to grow.

What's with all these lights?

Well, if we could capture the sun in a bottle we would. But until someone does that, these are the next best thing. Sunlight is a complex spectrum of light waves and frequencies that the lights attempt to duplicate. Plants differ in their light requirements.

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