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"Working with water" would be a good translation of the word hydroponics. For years people have sought ways to bring plant growth into a a safer environment.

Preschoolers quickly learn that plants need water to grow. They are probably in advanced high school biology before they learn that the water is a means of transportation for all the nutrients required by the plants. At some point they discover how critical light is in the process of photosynthesis.

One can read hundreds of pages and spend hours discovering the intricacies of the plant world. But if you would rather "grow something" than just read about growing something then we would be happy to help you.

The system above features illustrates two things you need to know:

  • Grass Water flooding a field will reach every root that needs nourishment if enough water is available during the absorption period.
  • Grass That same water needs to drain away so that the plant and the microbes that service the plant can breath.

A good system lets you set that process in motion, but not have to be there all the time while it works.

Good Roots Build Good Plants
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